Dear Friends,


You are cordially invited to a multi-religious inter faith celebration at London Buddhist Vihara on Saturday November 19th at 4pm.

The theme of the event is

“Lineage of the Sacred Texts”

All the faith representatives give a short talk on this topic. 

We are delighted that Dr Harriet Crabtree, Executive Director of the Inter Faith Network will be the keynote speaker. In addition, there will be faith leaders representing several other religions including Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam. 

The aims of the Inter Faith Network are to strengthen relations between different faith communities, through greater awareness, understanding and dialogue.

Please see attached further details about this event which may be distributed to your friends and family, who may be interested in attending this important gathering.

All welcome.

With Metta 

Ven Bogoda Seelawimala,
Head Monk
London Buddhist Vihara